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How to maintain the plane labeling machine?

Maintaining the labeling machine enables the labeling machine to perform better and extend its life. The following points are about the daily maintenance skills of the labeling machine.

1. Do not use cleaning tools that damage the mechanical surface.

Second, do not use corrosive plastic appliances.

3. Clean the lens of the sensor with a soft brush or cloth. Pay attention to rust prevention, spray each stainless steel and iron parts with anti-rust oil, and wipe gently with a soft cloth.

Fourth, regular inspection and maintenance: The automatic plane labeling machine should be regularly inspected in order to maintain the normal operation of the machine.

1. Clean up discarded paper scraps and debris. Remove grease from the rollers and edges and clean the lens of the sensor with a soft brush or cloth.

2. Replace the fuse regularly. The automatic flat labeling machine uses AC power and uses a fuse to prevent overload.

3. During the operation of the automatic flat labeling machine, it is strictly forbidden to drop water on the machine to prevent the machine from rusting and causing electric shock.

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