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What is a four-corner sealing machine?

Definition of the four-corner sealing machine:

In addition to the upper and lower seals of the carton, the machine that can seal the four corners with tape is called the four-corner sealing machine.

The working principle of the four-corner sealing machine:

After the carton is sealed up and down in the middle of the front sealing machine, it enters the 90-degree cornering machine, and is pushed into the four-corner sealing machine by the pushing box; the upper and lower corners of the carton are automatically sealed at the same time to complete the sealing. Why do the four-corner sealing opportunities look like this 90-degree corner push box? We all know that the carton can only enter the corner-side machine when it is sealed up and down. Otherwise, the carton will be stuck in the corner machine because the upper and lower covers are not sealed. Therefore, usually the corner machine and the one-line sealing machine are used together, and because the corner machine is the upper and lower belts, the carton needs power to continue to enter the corner machine for sealing after the word-type sealing, and the corner machine Making a 90-degree corner facilitates the automated sealing of the carton, providing power to the carton and saving space.

Application of four-corner sealing machine:

The application of the four-corner sealing machine is very wide. The carton packaging for chemical, clothing, hardware, medical, etc. needs to be completely sealed. A set of such sealing machines can reduce the workload of at least 5-8 people. Your business accelerates the pace of development.

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