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Talking about the role of the labeling machine

Labeling machine is an important foundation of the packaging industry and plays an important role in the packaging machinery industry. As a mechatronics product, the active labeling machine supplies important skills guarantee for the packaging industry, and plays an important role in promoting the appearance and packaging of the product. It is also produced in the production of alcohol, food, medicine, daily necessities, chemical products, etc. The impact is far-reaching. Labeling machinery is the premise for mechanization and automation of product packaging.

1. Free production and improve working conditions

The labeling machine can free workers from serious and heavy repetitive work, together with avoiding and reducing the touch of highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, moist, dust, which are harmful to the health of workers, improve Working conditions.

2. Improve production power and promote product packaging renewal and diversification

The production capacity of the labeling machine is generally ten times or even several times higher than that of the craft, which undoubtedly plays an insignificant effect on the packaging of the product. Such as Seagate's automatic labeling machine can easily complete the production power of 1200 bottles / h; semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine 50pcs / min, flat line labeling machine can be produced up to 100pcs / min speed cooperation line, these are Craftsmanship is unmatched.

3. Improve product packaging hygiene, improve product quality, and enhance the competitiveness of shopping malls

The labeling machine develops a new self-adhesive labeling machine. The self-adhesive label itself is not easy to fall. It is a major advancement in label development. Others use active labeling machines to label and produce. It has reduced the touch of excessive operation of the craft, such as medicine and medicine production. Some powders and liquid materials are prone to escape, blistering and splashing during the process of packaging, but this is not the case with mechanical equipment. The labeling machine has high precision of labeling, and the appearance of the product is beautiful, regular, consistent and tightly sealed. Then, the quality of the product packaging is improved, and the competitiveness of the product shopping mall is improved, and high economic benefits can be obtained.

4. Save data, reduce costs and protect the environment

The use of labeling machinery to produce, can reduce the label from the bottom of the general, the human capital to the minimum, save the cost, and the use of labeling machine, the label dregs get the basic treatment, and save data, reduce the dross, protect the environment.

5. Reduce the area of labeling sites and save infrastructure investment

The products use hand-crafted labeling. If the same output is to be completed, there are many workers, the process is not compact, the operation area is large, and the capital investment is large. The labeling machine is used, the supply of product and packaging materials is concentrated, the packaging process is compact, and some can be used for three-dimensional operation, thus reducing the footprint of the packaging and saving capital investment.

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