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China's flat labeling machine market supply and demand situation

In order to comprehensively and accurately reflect the development status and future trends of the flat labeling machine industry, the China Business Intelligence Network launched this report on the basis of a large number of meticulous market research, mainly based on the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the National Customs Administration, relevant industry associations, The basic information of relevant newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, as well as a large number of materials published and provided by professional research units. The situation of China's flat labeling machine industry, the supply and demand of the plane labeling machine market, the status quo of the plane labeling machine industry chain, the key enterprises of the plane labeling machine, etc., stop the detailed discussion and deepening analysis, focusing on the market of flat labeling machine. The intention of the development was thoroughly analyzed, and the prospects and trends of the future development were carefully judged according to the development track of the industry, and new investment opportunities were sought for the industry of plane labeling machine industry. Provide a decision-making reference for companies to understand the flat labeling machine industry and invest in this category.

There are many varieties of flat labeling machines, and their functions are different, but the fundamental principles are similar. The flat labeling machine is a device for attaching paper or foil labels to a regular packaging container with an adhesive. Finish the plane paste, one side of the package, or multi-face paste, cylindrical paste, partial cover or full cover cylinder paste, concave and corner parts paste and other operations.

The so-called round bottle automatic labeling machine is composed of two labeling heads, which are respectively located on both sides of the guarantee board chain, and the stickers are carried by the labeling machine when the labeling is stopped. After entering, the fire bottle correction machine adheres to the stopping interval of the article, and then when the labeling object enters the labeling area, the optical fiber signal is transmitted to the PLC when the object optical fiber of the labeling machine detects the object.

After being disposed of by the PLC, the output signal is transmitted to the stepping motor, and then the stepping motor is used to mark the label, and the label is peeled off from the peeling plate and the front end of the label is pasted on the exterior of the object to be attached. After the label is attached to the bottle, the label is then smoothed by the sponge roller, and then passed through the labeling machine to enter the next step.

The characteristics of the flat labeling machine: the labeling machine adopts the self-adhesive web labeling paper, and stops the labeling by means of rolling, without conditioning. The flat labeling machine is characterized by clear writing, cleanliness and no mold. In the effective labeling, it can also ensure the appearance, the firmness, and the problem of not falling off.

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