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Introduction of Upper and Lower Drive of Semi - automatic Sealing Machine
  • Product details

Product introduction:

According to your company's products and labeling requirements, we recommend the use of the company's equipment semi-automatic sealing machine up and down drive, model M307, to improve your production efficiency, the following is the basic information of the equipment,  please read it kindly.

Second, the technical parameters:

The following is the standard model technical parameters, and other special requirements and functions, can be tailored

1.Power supply: 220V / 50Hz / 400W

2. Overall dimensions: L1000 × W900 × H1375mm

3.Table height: 560 ~ 650 mm (adjustable)

4.Belt speed: 10-20 cases / min (speed due to the length of the carton is different)

5.Carton Specifications: Length: 150-∞; Width: 180 ~ 500mm; High: 120 ~ 500mm

6.Sealing tape: kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

7.Tape size: 48,60,72 mm choose one

8.Weight: 126kg

9.Machine function: change carton specifications around, up and down the artificial positioning adjustment, automatic timely delivery, up and down at the same time sealing; upper and lower transmission suitable for high / heavy carton use