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Wire folding labeling machine
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First, the wire folding guide labeling machine description

1. The scope of application is more limited. The fixtures of the folded device can be adjusted at will. The products in the non-range can be customized according to the customer samples.

2. The product is an automatic device for automatically folding the trademark on the bottom paper onto the wire.

3. Simple operation and maintenance, independent operation and manual maintenance, and maintenance of equipment.

4, compact structure, small footprint, convenient equipment movement and placement.

5. The main materials of the equipment are made of sheet metal and aluminum. The overall structure is firm and beautiful.

6, can save the company 2-3 people.

Second, the wire labeling machine technical parameters

1, labeling accuracy: ± 0.5mm (excluding product and label errors)

2, labeling speed: 1100-1300 pieces / hour (related to manual operation speed)

3, applicable product size: wire diameter 1.5-5/5-8 mm (out of range can be customized)

4, applicable label size: length 5-50 mm, width 30-100/100-240 mm

5, the size of the machine: about 750 * 500 * 1150

6, applicable power: single phase 220V 50HZ

7, the whole machine weight: about 90KG