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Brief Introduction of M308 Semi - automatic Carton Folding & Sealing Machine
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Product introduction

According to your company's products and labeling requirements, we recommend to use the company's equipment, semi-automatic carton folding & sealing machine, model No. M308, to improve your production efficiency, the following is the basic information of the equipment, please refer to.

Second, the technical parameters:

The following is the standard model technical parameters, can be designed according to other special requirements and functions.

1.Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 400W

2.Working air pressure: 4kg / cm2

3.Overall dimensions: L1700mm × W900mm × H1510mm

4.table height: 560-750mm (adjustable)

5.Carton Specifications: L200-600 × W120-500 × H120-500 (customized)

6.Belt speed: 10-15 cases / min

7.Tape size: 48,60,72 mm choose one

8.sealing tape: kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

9.Machine performance: manual positioning, the top automatically folded, automatic timely conveyed, without human care, suitable for connecting to automatic production line