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Brief Introduction of M310AL Automatic Corner Edge Sealing Machine
  • Product details

Product introduction:

According to your company's products and labeling requirements, we recommend to use the company's equipment L-type automatic corner and border sealing machine, model NO. M310A, to improve your production efficiency, the following is the basic information of the equipment, please refer to.

Second, the technical parameters:

The following is the standard model technical parameters, can be designed according to other special requirements and functions.

1.Power: 220V / 50Hz / 400W

2.Working pressure: 5-6kg / cm²

3.Overall dimensions: L1700mm × W1000mm × H1450mm

4.Table height: 650mm (adjustable)

5.Belt speed: 5-6 cases / min

6.Sealing tape: kraft paper, BOPP tape

7.Tape size: 48,60,72 mm choose one

8.Sealing size: L280-600 * W165-500 * H140-500 

9.Machine performance: automatically adjust according to height, width of different cartons, the top automatically folded, automatic timely conveyed, top and bottom sealed at the same time, without manual care, automatic connecting to auto production line.