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Brief Introduction of M320 Carton Forming and button Sealing Machine
  • Product details

Product introduction:

According to your company's products and labeling requirements, we recommend to use the company equipment carton forming and button sealing machine, model NO. M320, to improve your production efficiency, the following is the basic information of the equipment, please refer to.

Second, the technical parameters:

The following is the standard model technical parameters, can be designed according to other special requirements and functions.

1.Power supply: 220V 50Hz 400W

2. Air pressure: 6㎏ / cm2

3.Air consumption 200L / min

4.Machine dimensions: L2000㎜ × W1950㎜ × H1500㎜

5.Machine weight: 400 kg

6.Carton Specifications: L280-550 W160-400 620> W / 2 + H> 285 (need provide a list of carton specifications)

7.Tape width: 4.8-7.2 cm

8.Molding speed: ≤ 10 boxes / min (depending on the size of the carton)

9.Stand-alone production efficiency: ≥ 95%

10.Carton loss: 1 ‰

11.Open cardboard style: vertical forming