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Automatic card labeling machine
  • Product details

First, the basic use

It is specially used for labeling all kinds of cards on the surface of various plastic sheets. It has high precision and no bubbles in the film. It has automatic product recognition function and automatically enables different labeling heads according to different products. Can be used with a variety of packaging lines.

Second, product features

◆ The card is stable and adopts the advanced sorting-reverse dial technology card. The card sorting rate is much higher than the general card sorting mechanism;

◆ The speed of labeling of the card is high, and the regulatory code for the kit is posted, and the stable speed can reach 200 pieces/min or more;

◆ Wide application range, can meet the labeling of various cards and paper-like items, and is suitable for labeling unfolded carton;

◆ The labeling accuracy is stable, the workpiece is pressed by the top roller, the conveying is stable, the curling is not ensured, and the labeling accuracy is ensured;

◆ The mechanical adjustment part of the structural combination and the clever design of the label winding, the 6-degree-of-freedom fine adjustment of the labeling position makes the conversion between the different products and the label winding become simple and time-saving;

◆ Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object and no labeling, no standard automatic calibration and automatic label detection to prevent leakage and label waste;

◆ High stability, Panasonic PLC + Kunlun open state touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye + German Leuze test label electric eye composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7 × 24 hours of operation;

Third, the configuration details

Labeling accuracy±1mm (excluding product and label errors)

Applicable product rangeL*W*H: 40mm~280mm *40mm~200mm *0.2mm~2mm

Applicable label range(label bottom paper) width 20-180mm, length 20-250mm

Operating Voltage220V50Hz

DimensionsL*W*H: 2900×900×1400 (including card splitter and receiving tray); 2000*900*1400 (excluding card splitter and receiving tray)