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MKX-321 type Cartons automatic sealing machineIntroduction
  • Product details

Product introduction:

According to your company's products and labeling requirements,It is recommended to use this equipment of our Cartons automatic sealing machine, the model No. is KX-321, in order to improve your production efficiency, the following basic information for equipment, please reference.

Second, the technical parameters:

The following is the standard type of technical parameter, other special requirement and function, can be customized.


2.Apply cartons:L200~450 ⅹ W150~400 ⅹ H100~400 mm

3.Mesa height:Max 600 mm、Mix 650mm

4.The speed of sealing:8—10 C/min

5.Mechanical dimensions:L2000 ⅹ W1900 ⅹ H 1450 mm In kind prevail

6.Mechanical dimensions:220V 50HZ

7.Air Source:6~7 KG

8.Apply adhesive tape:W 48~60~75 mm ⅹ 1000 code

9.Machine weight:Net weight 450 Kg