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Automatic sleeve labeling machine (electric heating)
  • Product details

First, the product features:

◆ Full-cover stainless steel mainframe: the whole machine is waterproof and rust-free;

◆Adjustable cutter head: original rotary cutting, double-sided cutting edge, long life;

◆Single positioning center guide column: the label guide is more stable;

◆Synchronized bottle splitter: bottle delivery is more stable;

◆ Label brush group: The labeling accuracy is more accurate;

◆ Label control electric eye frame: the original tail wing is combined with the electric eye to improve the cutting precision of the film material;

◆Specially designed hot air shrinking furnace, better energy saving effect, external waterless beads after shrinking, can be packaged directly. Can be used in a variety of packaging production lines.

Second, the configuration details

Sleeve precision:±1mm (without product and label errors)

Applicable product range:Diameter φ28mm -φ125mm, height 30mm - 280mm

Applicable label range:Length 30 ~ 250mm

Operating Voltage:380V50Hz

Straight sleeve labeling machine + electric shrinking furnace dimensions:L*W*H:1550mm×1055mm×2000mm/   L*W*H:L2300mm×W500mm×H1300mm