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Real-time printing side labeling machine
  • Product details

First, the basic use:

The real-time print side labeler is a real-time print labeler for side labeling.

Second, product features:

◆ Provide original US printers;

◆Pneumatic, sweeping, corner stickers and other labeling methods to meet the needs of different occasions or different items of printing and labeling;

◆The universal joint structure of the suction target board effectively corrects the accuracy error of the flat labeling and the unique light touch sensing retreat signal device to protect the material to be damaged from damage;

◆The vacuum range of the suction plate can be adjusted to suit different sizes of labels;

◆The independent floor stand is easy to install, and the vertical and horizontal two-way adjustment mechanism can effectively set the accurate labeling position;

◆The unique moving component of the side-opening labeling head facilitates the ribbon replacement of the printer and the cleaning of the printing head;

◆Flexible label editing software, compatible with most Chinese/English label editing tools, and has great flexibility in editing printed content;

◆Connection function, through the Ethernet and the main system connection, to achieve the purpose of real-time management and system integration, eliminating the need to configure the computer on-site;

◆ Imported electrical components by world famous brands to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the whole machine;

Third, the configuration details:

Labeling accuracy:±1.5mm (without product and label errors))

Applicable product range:Real-time printing of labeling products (such as barcode or QR code on the outer box)

Applicable label range:Width 10-100mm, length 10-100mm

Operating Voltage:220V50Hz

Dimensions:Different according to different model sizes