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Semi-automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine
  • Product details

First, the basic use:

Semi-automatic hot-melt adhesive labeling machine is a hot-melt adhesive labeling machine. It is suitable for labeling labels of round containers such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper cans and metal cans. It can be coated with full or double-coated labels. gum. Can be used in a variety of production lines.

Second, product features:

◆ It is especially simple to change the bottle type and label. It can be completed in five minutes without changing any parts. With a simple one-button setting, the device can easily switch between full glue application and glue application at both ends (the label can be glued on the whole surface, or it can be selected only by the glue at the label lap, which greatly saves the glue cost).

◆ The operator only needs to put the labels into the standard library in batches, photoelectric automatic detection, labeling, gluing, and labeling are automatically completed by the machine within one second.

◆The built-in automatic temperature control of the device keeps the glue at a constant temperature. The thyristor automatically adjusts the pressure to make the glue temperature more precise and saves 50% of electricity.

◆The thickness of the film can be adjusted freely between 0.05MM-0.15MM. The precise glue adjustment mechanism helps to save the amount of hot melt adhesive used.

◆The improved three-roller is rounded and labeled, the label is more closely attached to the tank, and the labeling is more beautiful and flat. Even large-diameter soft and thin-walled cans can be continuously labeled.

◆The vacuum chuck pre-sorts the second label paper every time the label is attached to the front label to ensure that there is no double sheet phenomenon.

Third, the configuration details:

Labeling accuracy:±1mm (without product and label errors)

Applicable product range:Diameter φ30mm~φ160mm, length 50mm~290mm

Applicable label range:Length (corresponding to product diameter) 105 ~ 550mm, width (corresponding to product length) 50 ~ 290mm

Operating Voltage:220V50Hz

Dimensions:L*W*H: 1100*1000*1200mm