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Manual round bottle labeling machine
  • Product details

First, the basic use:

Manual round bottle labeling machine for circumferential/half-circle labeling of various cylindrical objects. It is mainly used for labeling occasions with small batch size, variable specifications and poor quality of manual labeling, which can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of labeling.

Second, product features:

◆Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

◆Applicable products: Cylindrical objects of various materials, such as glass bottles, PET bottles, etc.

◆Application industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine and other industries.

◆Application examples: pen labeling, essential oil bottle labeling, small taper cosmetic bottle labeling, shampoo round bottle labeling, etc.

◆Excellent labeling quality, flat labeling, no wrinkle, high precision of label end-to-tail;

◆Flexible, especially suitable for small labeling needs, reducing equipment costs;

◆saving, full mechanical design, no electricity, one investment, permanent enjoyment;

◆Small size, small footprint, simple transportation, equipment can be moved and placed at any time;

◆Simple operation, low requirements for personnel, suitable for various environments, power outage can still be produced normally.

Third, the configuration details:

Labeling accuracy:±1mm (excluding product and label errors)

Applicable product range:¢15mm-¢150mm

Applicable label range:20mm-150mm

Operating Voltage:No power required