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250X paper pillow press
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 Scope of application:

Suitable for towel, paper towel, noodle, egg roll, preserved fruit, hawthorn slice, sausage, etc.

Main performance and structural features of the equipment:

1, double frequency converter control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust air walk, humanized operation automatically prompt, save time and save film;

2. The main control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, convenient and quick parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation, and fully realizes humanized automatic operation control;

3, digital fault self-diagnosis function, fault diagnosis at a glance;

4. Double frequency conversion control is adopted for packaging speed and bag-forming length, digital sealing and cutting position input, accurate, beautiful and firm sealing and cutting position;

5. Automatic and accurate tracking of high photosensitive electric eyes;

6, positioning stop function, non-stick knife, no cutting material, no waste of coating;

7, double frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, less wear, easy maintenance, long life;

8, each sealing temperature is independent, PID control is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials;

9, all the control by the software, can be installed intermittent inflating device and alcohol injection device, to achieve instant adjustment of function and technology upgrade never lag behind.

Technical parameter


 Film widthMax:250mm

 Bag length65-190或120-280mm

 Bag width:30-110mm

 Product height:Max.40mm

 Film roll diameterMax.320mm

 Packaging rate:40-230bag/min

Power220v 50/60Hz 2.4KW

 Machine size(L)3920×(W)670×(H)1320mm

Machine weight:800kg