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12 head normal pressure filling production line
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Pressure filling production line:

Automatic intelligent linear liquid filling machine, drawing on the good performance of domestic and foreign high-quality filling equipment, compact structure, simple and convenient operation, full function, low energy consumption, low investment, high degree of automation features;This type of in-line filling machine is a high-tech filling equipment which is controlled by microcomputer (PLC) programmable, photoelectric sensing and pneumatic execution.Filling volume and number of bottles can be set automatically through the touch screen on the device.

Main performance and structural features of the equipment:

This machine is suitable for filling antifreeze, liquor, mineral water and other liquids.

Straight design PLC computer control, filling accurate, filling adjustment is simple, convenient and flexible for all kinds of bottle (including special bottle) filling.

Pneumatic components and main electrical components are well-known brands.

Main performance parameters:

Number of filling heads: 12

Power supply: AC 380V

Power: 0.3 KW

Filling capacity: 200 ~ 2000ml

Filling precision: 0.5%

Production capacity: 5000 bottles /h(500ml)

External dimensions: 2000 870 1900mm

Weight: about 480kg