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Online bottling, filling and sealing (atmospheric pressure)
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Basic use:

This series of equipment is a full automatic filling equipment, mainly used for the production of polyester bottles of various mineral water, pure water and other non-gas drinks, in one machine to achieve the bottle, filling, sealing.

Functional features:

1. The whole machine adopts the operating mode design of the suspension of the card neck, so that the bottle is stable and reliable in the high-speed operation state, and the number of changing parts is greatly reduced, making it more convenient and fast to change the bottle shape.

2. The new generation of stainless steel inverted bottle holder is adopted to make the clamp holder not in contact with the part above the thread of the bottle mouth, and the nozzle is set to make the bottle inner wall flush fully without dead Angle.

3, the use of advanced gravity filling principle, filling fast, steady, accurate.

4. Magnetic torque is adopted to screw the cover, so as to grasp the cover and screw the cover.The screw cap torque is stepless adjustable, the seal is tight and reliable, and does not damage the cover.

5. The machine adopts the touch screen button on the man-machine interface, PLC computer control, equipped with missing cover and overload protection alarm device, which can detect and troubleshoot faults in time and has a high degree of production automation.

6. The parts in contact with water are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the main electrical components are made by internationally renowned manufacturers.

Technical parameter:


Production capacity:8000-12000

The bottle diameter:Φ50-Φ100mm;150-320mm;330-1500ml

Plastic screw cap

Gas consumption:0.4

The total power:6.4

The total weight:5200

Overall dimensions:3220*2300*2600