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Automatic pepper sauce filling production line
  • Product details

First, the basic use:

Automatic 4-head chili sauce production line is composed of piston filling machine and vacuum capping machine.The production line has the functions of automatic bottle filling (bottle filling, no bottle not filling), filling (filling measurement can be adjusted), automatic cap falling, cap turning and so on.Stable operation, low noise, high yield, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable.Widely used in food, medicine and other industries of round bottles, flat bottles, oval bottles type container packaging, is fully in line with the GMP production specifications of the ideal packaging equipment.

Second, product features:

(1) the world famous brand electrical appliances (Germany Siemens, France schneider) and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance, long service life.

(2) using high strength stainless steel frame, disassembly and assembly is simple, easy to clean, in line with GMP requirements

(3) filling volume and filling speed adjustment is simple, compatible with a variety of bottle type, a variety of capacity;

(4) photoelectric intelligent identification, bottle filling, no bottle not filling function, PLC automatic control feeding;

(5) conveyor belt frequency control, transmission speed adjustable, automatic production statistics, convenient production management.

6 filling head with a special anti-leakage device, filling without wire-drawing, dripping phenomenon.

Note: the filling range and speed can be designed according to different filling capacity and filling head.

Third, the configuration details:

Technical parameters:

Filling precision: 1%ml

Filling capacity: 100-1000g

Production capacity: 1000-3000 bottles/hour

Number of filling heads: 4 (

Overall dimensions: 8000 1600 1900mm

Full line power: 2.2kw

Working power supply: 380V 50Hz

Power supply pressure: 0.5-0.8mpa