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Automatic electronic quantitative filling machine (atmospheric pressure)
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Product description:

Automatic high-precision filling machine (atmospheric pressure) belongs to the automatic filling equipment, the machine is widely used in the airless beverage, such as all kinds of liquor, wine, fruit juice, mineral water and soy sauce, vinegar and other liquid condiments filling, especially suitable for the container more high capacity more accurate filling.

Basic introduction:

This machine is the latest domestic double electronic quantitative filling machine, the machine is in the digestion, absorption of similar foreign advanced models and combined with the national conditions, on the basis of independent research and development of new products.Compared with the traditional filling machine: the bottle holder has no lifting movement;When filling, the bottle mouth does not touch the electronic valve head;Adopt the lower sealing structure, without any drop leakage phenomenon;High filling speed;Accurate filling and other characteristics.

The electronic valve in the filling process, the liquid does not overflow, does not bubble, does not choke the wine does not drip: filling nozzle using damping flow, liquid column into the bottle to reduce the impact, the wine is not easy to bubble overflow;At the end of filling, the filling valve is sealed so that the liquid can be quickly shut off to prevent dripping.

Parameter adjustment:

1. Capacity adjustment whether it is overall capacity adjustment or single valve capacity adjustment, the capacity adjustment button can be pressed on the touch screen to achieve quick, convenient and accurate.

2, bottle height adjustment to replace different height of the bottle, just press the bottle height adjustment button on the touch screen, input the amount of adjustment and press ok, the machine will automatically adjust in place, stable and reliable work.

3. Press the button on the touch screen to adjust the speed.(filling speed is related to liquid viscosity, foamability, temperature, capacity and other factors)