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Automatic linear self-flow filling machine
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Product introduction:

Automatic linear self-flow filling machine is a kind of automatic filling equipment, which can be used with automatic corking machine and automatic cleaning machine.Applicable to a wide range of bottles, barrels, bottles, kettles, metering adjustable range, high quantitative accuracy.Computer automatic control, touch color screen operation, convenient, fast, accurate, achieve full automation, and with automatic interlocking protection device, memory with intermittent movement and continuous movement two working modes.Equipped with electrical linkage, reliable work, low failure rate, high technology content, is the best choice for automatic liquid quantitative canning.

Product features:

1.Advanced intelligent operating system

PLC software is adopted to support the adjustment. Only set the target amount on the touch screen, the device can automatically increase or decrease the target amount.Taiwan wellen color touch display, touch screen to complete all operations, monitoring, operating instructions and other functions.

2. Stable filling and filling function

Using the principle of functional separation, filling process without filling, filling process regardless of filling, so as to overcome the floating filling at the same time filling instability.

3. Automatic bottle clamping function

This machine with bayonet device, to ensure the filling small capacity (glass bottles, etc.) when the bottle mouth and filling mouth anastomosis.

4.Wide application range, convenient adjustment

It is suitable for most bottle filling (especially special bottle), which overcomes the trouble of changing the dial when the rotary filling machine changes the bottle.

5.The filling process is closed and pollution-free

The whole machine is fully sealed filling, in line with the national health standards, hygiene, no pollution.

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 50HZ/60HZ 380v

2. Number of filling heads: 10

3. Filling capacity: 100-2000ml

4. Filling speed: 1500-2000 bottles/hour/head (in terms of 500ml)

5. Power: 0.75kw

6. Air source: 0.5-0.8mpa

7. Working pressure: 0.6-0.7mpa

8. Overall dimension: 1800*1050*2200mm

9. Weight: about 500kg