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450B paper pillow packing machine
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Scope of application:

Suitable for towel, paper towel, noodle, egg roll, preserved fruit, hawthorn slice, sausage, etc.

 Main performance and structural features of the equipment:

1, double frequency converter control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust air walk, humanized operation automatically prompt, save time and save film;

2. The main control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, convenient and quick parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation, and fully realizes humanized automatic operation control;

3, digital fault self-diagnosis function, fault diagnosis at a glance;

4. Double frequency conversion control is adopted for packaging speed and bag-forming length, digital sealing and cutting position input, accurate, beautiful and firm sealing and cutting position;

5. Automatic and accurate tracking of high photosensitive electric eyes;

6, positioning stop function, non-stick knife, no cutting material, no waste of coating;

7, double frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, less wear, easy maintenance, long life;

8, each sealing temperature is independent, PID control is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials;

9, all the control by the software, can be installed intermittent inflating device and alcohol injection device, to achieve instant adjustment of function and technology upgrade never lag behind.

Technical parameters:


 Film widthMax.450mm

 Bag length130-300或180-400mm

 Bag width50-220mm

 Product heightMax.10-80mm

 Film roll diameterMax.320mm

Packaging rate40-220bag/min

Power220v 50/60Hz 2.8KW

 Machine size(L)4320×(W)820×(H)1420mm

Machine weight900kg