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Jh-5545h +5030LW automatic high speed side seal shrink packaging machine
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Application industry:

Automatic high-speed edge-sealing shrinkable packaging machine is used for packing the products in a fully automatic high-speed online packaging per minute 60 packages, adopting photoelectric automatic detection, feed, into the bag, seal cutting, contraction automatically, high working efficiency, and is widely used on printing, color box, greeting CARDS, photo albums, medicine, electronics, daily chemical, cosmetics and other mass production industries.

Product features:

Imported components are adopted to ensure the stability of the machine in high speed, and imported servo motor controls the sealing and cutting knife to ensure the sealing and cutting precision and the firmness of the sealing line.

The height of the sealing line can adapt to the height adjustment of the packaging material, the data storage function, the product packaging parameters can be stored in the system, the rapid conversion of packaging products;

Automatic feeding, length can also be photoelectric and timer combination, automatic regulation, equipped with induction motor, automatic coiling waste;

When the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple, do not change the mold and bag maker, suitable for high and large products;

High packaging capacity up to 60 PCS per minute;

The sealing and cutting parts are equipped with plexiglass protective cover and automatic alarm function, greatly improving the safety of operators.

Main technical parameters:

Machine model:JH-5545HJH-5030LW

Power supply:220V     50/60HZ380V     50/60HZ

 Package size:L不限*W+H≤450mmL1200*W450*H250mm    H≤150mm 

Sealing and cutting size/furnace cavity size:W520mmL1500*W500*H300mm

Packing speed:20-60件/分钟20-60分钟

Maximum current:10A32A

Net weight:800kg650kg

Mechanical dimensions:L2050*W1580*H1740mmL1800*W1100*H1250mm