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Vertical powder packing machine
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product overview:

Scope of application: the machine can automatically complete the bag-making, measuring, filling, coding, bag-cutting and counting of the whole packaging process, suitable for packaging milk powder, flour, dumpling powder, starch, washing powder, dyes, spices and powder powder and other granular, block, strip powder granular materials.

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Technical features:

1. Chinese touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation. 

2, PLC computer control system, more stable operation, can not stop to adjust any parameters. 

3. Ten sets of parameters can be stored for more accurate variety replacement. 

4, independent temperature control system, precision of + / - 1 ℃ degree. 

5, using double servo motor control, pull film more accurate, faster. 

6, horizontal and vertical sealing temperature independent control, can be good for all kinds of composite film, PE film and other packaging materials. 

7. The packaging style is diversified, including back sealing, Angle insertion, bag connection and punching, etc. 

8. Bag-making, sealing, packaging and printing date should be completed in one time with clean working environment and low noise.

9, with this adopt servo motor control, the screw metering, precision can reach 1 ℅.

Technical parameters:

Bag-making size: 60-300mm(L) 60-200mm(W)

Dimensions: 1388(L) X1116(W) X1536(H)mm

Film width :420mm

Packing speed :10-50(bags/min)

Measurement range :150-1200ml

Gas consumption: 0.3m3/min

Electric voltage: 220 vac / 50 hz

Power: 7.5 KW

Machine weight: 1200Kg