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How to solve the problem of labeling process labeling

Reasons for label blistering and how to deal with it:

First, the surface of the bottle body is not clean enough and smooth: the bottle body should be washed and dried beforehand. According to the shape of the surface of the bottle body, such as a regular curved surface or a spherical bottle body, it is clamped and fixed by the conveyor belt during labeling, especially a flat plastic bottle;

Second, there is no suitable film material according to the bottle material: soft bottle should choose PE, PVC, unstretched PP and PE and PP synthetic materials; hard bottle should choose PET, BOPP, PS fabric;

Third, the labeling machine speed adjustment, labeling method is not appropriate: the labeling speed of the bottle should be slightly faster than the labeling speed of the label, so as to avoid the generation of bubbles. Before the labeling, completely eliminate the static electricity, so that the label is strong and the label is out of the bottom paper. The labeling machine should not be brushed with a brush, sponge roller or vacuum suction. The rubber scraper with a certain strength should be installed in contact with the label, and the scraper should maintain a certain angle and strength. The labeling of the soft bottle body should adjust the relationship between the labeling speed, the blade strength, the angle and the distance;

Fourth, the selection of the bottom paper is not appropriate: the choice of smooth bottom paper, such as PET base paper, so that the adhesive on the surface of the flatness is good, the wettability after labeling is good, flat;

5. In addition, impurities, plasticizers, glues, chemical reactions, and activation of the printing surface solvent may cause the generation of bubbles in the labeling process. So you need to clean the bottle.

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