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Fault labeling method for plane labeling machine

When our flat labeler is working, what should I do? What is the problem? Therefore, Seagate labeling machine introduces you to:

The failure of the flat labeling machine is caused by improper operation, partial aging or poor maintenance:

1. The labeling positioning is not accurate;

Inaccurate label positioning indicates two aspects of the problem:

(1) The position of the fixed labeling and the position of the electric eye are deviated from the actual labeling position. For example, the screw in the fixed position is loosened. The electric eye positioning installation is incorrect. The label used does not meet the requirements of the labeler.

(2) The position of the labeling head is deviated, resulting in inaccurate embedding during the labeling process.

2. The labeling machine continuously labels or does not label the label;

The reason is as follows, the parameter setting is wrong. In the same cycle, two cycles of labeling are set, resulting in repeated labeling. The reason for not labeling is that the lubricant of the labeling head is not enough, which causes the friction of the equipment to work, and the labeling is carried out. Or for aging parts, replace the aging parts immediately to avoid a series of chain reactions.

3. Improper maintenance;

When the equipment is working or at the end of the work, the debris is not cleaned, and it is brought into the labeling machine to damage the internal parts, which reduces the life of the labeling equipment.

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